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Title: Direction for PvP and Guild Towers
Post by: Nexemis on October 23, 2017, 10:27:19 PM
Coming into the Open Alpha soon (end of year), I wanted to touch base and give some insight on the direction I want to go with PvP and new Guild Towers.

- There will be a PvP NPC in town that will have the option to toggle your 'PvP Always On' on and off. This will give players a chance to PvP on maps other than just PvP maps.
- 'Hard Core Achievement'. When a new character is being created, they will have the option to have their 'PvP Always On' active by default and they will get a unique hardcore PvP achievement. This achievement will be lost permanently if the player ever turns their 'PvP Always On' off.

Guild Towers
I have been debating on how I was going to approach an automated response to the Guild Towers I have been wanting to put in, so here is a brief theory.

- Guild Towers will be in certain zones throughout the game. Guild Towers can be purchased by guilds when they reach a certain level. To purchase a Guild Tower, the guild will need to defeat the tower boss/bosses waiting inside. If the Guild Leader is in the tower when the boss is defeated, he/she will have 1 minute to decide if they want to purchase the tower. When a guild purchases the tower, it will become accessible to only that guild for a week, and that tower boss will no longer spawn. When the week is over, the tower will be emptied, locked and the boss will respawn. Guilds can only have 1 tower in their possession at a time.

Obviously harder zones will have harder tower bosses, as well as higher prices to buy the tower for the week. Higher priced towers will also have extra perks included, besides just being larger and/or multiple levels. Towers can have storage tiles inside, giving members the option of keeping items safe and secure on the ground.. even when the server goes down. High end towers may even have a vendor inside.

Suggestions and feedback always welcome!
Title: Re: Direction for PvP and Guild Towers
Post by: Drackir on October 24, 2017, 07:47:56 AM
What would happen to the stored items when the tower expires?