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Title: Deloria Online Private Beta Starts!
Post by: Nexemis on March 16, 2018, 07:54:38 PM
Hey guys, just wanted to give a quick update on the final closed testing starting this weekend. This will be the last testing before the Deloria Online Open Beta starts. This is a fresh server and it will be up for testing this weekend (hopefully late Friday night) as well as next weekend. There is a bunch of new coding I need to test before the Beta, which is the purpose of this final test. It also gives players more content to explore, as well as experience a lot of the new features (Sub-Classes, Achievements, Stats, etc). Players can use the newly included Deloria Status Checker to let them know when the server is up. I will be working on the Party system during this test.

Players who had their Alpha accounts carried over (Only account, no characters) will have access to this final closed testing. If your account was not carried over and still want to be a part of the final testing, please join us in our Discord channel. I will be having open registration during select periods over the weekend and I will be posting in the channel ahead of time.

I have also included 1 more item to the Closed Alpha Rewards, a pair of level 1 boots. These boots have the same stats as the level 6 boots you can buy/wear from town, but you can wear them at level 1 and they are pre-enchanted with Autoloot. This will give a little extra defense to make early leveling a little faster, as well as save a little delets at level 6. The Experience elixirs in-game have also changed a bit. They are now 30% increased mob experience, instead of 15% increased experience from all sources. This method gives more experience, as 15% on mob kills was sometimes very minimum. They also have a level 5 level requirement, as they are pretty ineffective before that (too low of experience). I actually recommend waiting till reaching Rankin's Farmland or even Swindler Woods for a better value to them.

If you already have Deloria Online Beta installed from a previous installation, you just need to update. If you do not have Deloria Online installed, or if you have the OLD Closed Alpha client installed, please install fresh below. Make sure to uninstall any prior Closed Alpha version you had installed.

To see if your account was carried over or to see the Closed Alpha rewards, click -> (
To download the latest Deloria Online installer, click -> (
To view full Deloria Online 4.4 Patch notes, click -> (

Deloria Online Discord Chat: (Discord client not required)



Fresh Server: YES (Server First code enabled)
Classes Available: MAGE
Mage Sub-Classes Available: YES (Elementalist and Cleric)
Story/Questline Available: First 2.5 Chapters of Storyline


Thanks guys, hope to see you all in the game soon.

- Nexemis
Jeffrey O'Blenis