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Deloria Online General Discussion / Re: Android?
« on: March 20, 2019, 10:14:44 PM »
No andriod, sorry. Some players were testing crossover software with it.

Deloria Online General Discussion / Re: Christmas In July
« on: February 17, 2019, 10:55:24 PM »
There is still no new info to be posted. I will post on forums and discord when I have some.

News and Announcements / Server Will Resume Soon
« on: January 13, 2019, 10:29:19 AM »
Hey guys,

Just wanted to post an update I told Discord a bit ago. I will taking January off from coding, as I need to unplug and take a little break. The next 3 things I need to work on the game are big tasks and I will be starting them at the end of the month. This includes transferring all data to a new database system, redoing all the items to better allow more randomized and upgradable loot, as well as start adding the Warrior class.

Thank you to all the Beta testers for their patience as we continue to develop the game together!

- Nexemis

News and Announcements / Merry ChristMage Event!
« on: December 18, 2018, 03:41:20 PM »
The Deloria Online Merry ChristMage Event!
Friday December 21-31 2018

Come celebrate the holidays with your friends on Deloria Online! Enjoy increased experience and drop rates, a new level cap of Level 32 and new event quests and mobs. Players will find a variety of festive treats from quests and mobs, that can replenish both health and mana. Players will also be able to unlock a Santa Hat appearance that unlocks to their account for all current and future characters. Be sure to grab your present after the event starts from underneath the ChristMage tree in Collingwood Capital, just infront of the Grand Arena. Just talk to Noodle to get started on the event quests! Players will also be able to collect a bunch of other Gift Boxes from quests and Event mobs.

Want to enjoy some festive music? A Holidays music station has been added to the D-Amp Music Streaming in-game. Check it out!

Be sure to also try out the newly implemented PvP. Players can engage other players on any PvP map (Red name) or on any regular map if both players have World PvP enabled. You can toggle your World PvP on and off from the PvP Guild House in Collingwood Capital.

The Event will be released in 3 parts:

  - Part 1: Introduction of event and quest lines. (Dec 21)
  - Part 2: Continuation of quest line in Darnoth Mines. (Dec 23)
  - Part 3: Conclusion of quest line in Darnoth Mines and Opening of Gift Boxes! (Dec 25)


* Some of the event quests are intended for end game characters.

News and Announcements / Deloria Online Development Newsletter #4
« on: December 10, 2018, 03:34:11 PM »

December 12 2018

Hey guys, first off I want to let everyone know that the server will be back online today at 5PM EST. We had some connection issues over the past few days, and have someone coming out to look at the connection on Wednesday. I would also like to thank all players for their patience as we work out bugs and continue to put out content since the Open Beta launch. Now that Chapter 4 is complete, PvP is next and will be fully enabled over the next couple days.


Chapter 4 is now completely ready for players to explore. You can now descend in the Spider Nest and Spider Hive to kill Venom Spiders and Blood Spiders. Continue the story line from the Majestic Faeries and see where the corruption began and what treasures lie in the Dead Woods. Players will acquire 2 more Ability Points in Chapter 4 and the max level has been increased to level 30.

Players will be able to grind a whole new selection of gear with all new stat bonuses like weapon leech!


We hope to see you in the game, and can't wait to release lots of new content for you.

- Nexemis

Deloria Online General Discussion / Re: More Info Soon
« on: November 21, 2018, 10:23:22 AM »
A majority of the players are in the Discord channel, so that is used the most to post new stuff, server status, bugs, patches, etc and just talking. You can also view all the additions just before Open Beta started:

Deloria Online General Discussion / Re: Map error
« on: November 11, 2018, 06:01:37 PM »
Hey, I didn't know if you were in Discord so replied there. I was asleep when you were getting the map errors, but it's because you are using 4.x maps from closed alpha. All new maps are 5.0.

Did you uninstall the closed alpha version? I would recommend a reinstall and you should be fine.  Your account is fine now and I just put the server back up for a bit.

Welcome back

News and Announcements / Deloria Online Launch Event / Open Beta Start
« on: October 17, 2018, 04:00:57 AM »

Join us November 16th - 26th 2018 for the Deloria Online Open Beta Launch Event, as we start the Open Beta! Enjoy increased experience and drop rates during the event, additional event quests and collect Launch Diamonds as you level. The Launch Event will start at 8pm EST on Friday November 16th 2018 and run until midnight Sunday November 26th 2018.

Launch Diamonds can drop from any mob, with harder mobs having an increased chance. Players can then convert 5 Launch Diamonds into 1 Launch Crystal, which can be traded for a selection of limited time equipment and other prizes! All Event items are BoU/BoE (Bound on Use/Equip) which means they can be traded to other players, or sold in their own Player Shop. As most event prizes are limited time only to collect, players who collect an extra amount of Launch Crystals will be able to sell these additional prizes at a later time when they are unavailable. Don't forget to log into the game every day for your Deloria Daily Login Bonus item.

* Group Parties level twice as fast during the event!

Launch Event Prizes

- Launch Aviators (Epic quality level 20 helm equipment which unlocks unique head appearance. BoE.)
Trade for 6 Launch Crystals

- Orb of Collingwood (Teleports player to Collingwood Capital. 50 Charges. BoU.)
Trade for 10 Launch Crystals

- Orb of Binding (Binds players soul to temporary respawn location until they logout. 50 Charges. BoU.)
Trade for 12 Launch Crystals

- Orb of Recall (Teleports player to their temporary/permanent respawn location. 50 Charges. BoU.)
Trade for 12 Launch Crystals

- Miracle Grow Feed (Reduces grow time of 1 player garden pot by 1 day.)
Trade for 1 Launch Crystal

- Golden Grow Soil (Reduces grow time of ALL player garden pots by 1 day.)
Trade for 6 Launch Crystals

Open Beta Server Information

 - A completely fresh database and world. Account and characters must be started fresh.
   * Some accounts from the Closed Alpha have been carried over, but NO CHARACTERS. To check, visit:
 - Server First code enabled for items.
 - Only the Mage class is available for initial testing. Warrior will be the next base class available shortly after Open Beta launch.
 - Mage Sub-Classes available: Elementalist (Fire and Earth) or Cleric (Holy and Heresy).
 - Max level is currently 26 until the next quest zone is released shortly after launch.

* NOTE: The Open Beta server is currently in debug mode for testing purposes and hosted on a residential connection in Niagara Falls Ontario. It will eventually move to a commercial connection.

Deloria Online F.A.Q. & Support / HOW TO: Download Deloria Online Beta
« on: October 16, 2018, 05:37:57 PM »
The Deloria Online Open Beta will begin November 16th 2018, but you can download and install the game now to make sure you are ready for the Launch Event!


1. Make sure you disable any antivirus when installing Deloria Online. Both the game and installer are written in legacy coding languages which some antivirus software can cause problems with.

2. You may get errors if you install Deloria Online into a folder that requires certain permissions. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you use the default install folder. (ie: DO NOT install to Program Files or your root directory). The default install directory on a windows 10 OS is: C:\Users\-account-\AppData\Roaming\Deloria Online

3. DO NOT run any of the Deloria Online components with admin mode enabled. You will get a 'DelDownload' error. Also make sure these components are added to your firewall safe list.
Deloria Online components: (deloria.exe, dellaunch.exe, delupd.exe, dsc.exe)

Download Deloria Online Beta Installer

Previous Installers (ONLY if newest fails)

News and Announcements / Forum Cleaning/Screenshots Updated
« on: October 16, 2018, 05:21:18 PM »
I have updated some of the sections of the forum. All Closed Alpha threads and topics have been removed. I have also added a new "In-Game Community" section where guild recruitment and in-game buy/sell topics can be post.

I have also updated all screenshots to show the latest version. I will adding another section under Screenshots that will showcase some of the various zones in the game.

News and Announcements / Deloria Online Development Newsletter #3
« on: July 29, 2018, 06:11:38 PM »

Hey guys, here are a few new things added to the game. I expect to have the launch date for the Open Beta by next newsletter. Thank you all for your continued patience while I implement all these new features.

As always, join us in the Deloria Online Discord Chat and Forums for all the latest information and screenshots.

Deloria Online Forums:
Deloria Online Discord Chat: (Discord client not required)


Guild Posts and Towers have been added. Guilds can purchase a Guild Post or Guild Tower after defeating a boss inside and paying the weekly rental fee. Guilds can defeat a boss inside a Post/Tower to receive a buff for 5 minutes which allows the purchase of that Post/Tower for 7 days. The Guild Leader is the only one eligible to receive the buff, so they must be in the party that defeats the boss. Once a Guild Post/Tower is purchased, only that guild will be able to enter it until the lease is up. When the lease expires (7 days), the Guild Post/Tower will be able to be entered by anyone again. After a significant duration, the boss inside will respawn again, and the cycle repeats.

If you guild owns a Guild Banner at the time, your banner will display proudly outside your Guild Post/Guild Tower as well as throughout the inside.

Guild Posts are 1 floor and contain 5 storage tiles, and Guild Towers are 3 floors and contain 15 storage tiles. Storage Tiles allows guild members to drop items and equipment on savable tiles. These items will remain safe on these tiles until a Guild Leader or Guild Officer pick them up, even if the server goes down. This is a helpful way to store extra equipment, meals, battle items for new and existing guild members. Any items left when the lease expires (7 days) are deleted.

Swindler Woods Guild Post

Dry Lands Guild Post

Majestic Falls Guild Tower

New Class Halls have been added. After your initial Mage and Warrior quest lines are complete (Chapter 1 and 2) players will be able to choose a sub-class. Depending on the sub-class chosen, you will now have access to your Class Hall that only others of your class share.

Cleric Sanctuary (Church Basement)

Elementalist Class Hall (Mage Tower Apex)

Players unlock the gardening quest line at level 10. During this quest line you will unlock more garden pots for gardening use. Players can plant a variety of crops, and use different items on their crops to shorten grow time. Players can also acquire a golden shovel to increase their crop yields! Player Gardens are a great way to grow healing items.

Example of Player Gardens (Growing Bloom Bloom to harvest Bloom Berries)

The PvP Guild House will host a few NPC. You can talk to Scarlet the Bounty Hunter to toggle your world PvP on and off. This will allow players to PvP on all maps to others with this feature enabled. If your PvP is off, you can only attack/be attack other players on PvP specific maps.

You will also find the Guild Master here. You can talk to him to start a guild and choose a guild banner. You will also find the PvP vendor here. You can only buy items from him with PvP Tokens, a new currency earned from PvP.

PvP Guild House (WIP)



- Nexemis
Jeffrey O'Blenis

News and Announcements / Server Wiped / New Beta Accounts
« on: June 09, 2018, 10:57:36 PM »
Hey guys,

I have wiped the server for the last time before the Open Beta. All the existing accounts that were carried over with their closed beta rewards are still intact. A few new accounts have also been rewarded the Bronze Closed Beta reward for testing in the most previous testing cycle and leveling to level 15+. These new accounts have also been carried over. NO CHARACTERS ARE SAVED.

Accounts that have been carried over are listed here:

With more time to focus on Deloria again, updates will be produced at a much faster rate again. As always, I appreciate the patience.

- Nexemis

Deloria Online General Discussion / More Info Soon
« on: May 16, 2018, 03:38:59 PM »
Hey guys,

I'll be posting some new info soon, but been a busy few weeks for me and Deloria coding time is currently limited. The last few things I added were the new Player Gardens and some new mobs in new zones. I'll be posting new screenshots in a few weeks and hope to have more time to code again. I posted some earlier screenshots/vid of the Player Gardens in the Discord channel.

Hope everyone is enjoying the start of the nice weather.

- Nexemis

Deloria Online General Discussion / Re: Game server offline
« on: April 15, 2018, 01:17:49 PM »
It is down at the moment. I will post shortly about when it will be back up.

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