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Deloria Online General Discussion / Re: No Internet Still
« on: April 13, 2018, 10:14:34 PM »
Internet is back today!

Deloria Online General Discussion / No Internet Still
« on: April 08, 2018, 04:02:15 PM »
Hey guys, for those who didn't read in the Discord channel, my internet has been out since Wednesday's big Wind Storm here in Ontario. I lost most my fences, some trees and my cable line. There was quite a few trees down and still not cleaned up/hooked back up yet.

- Nexemis

News and Announcements / PvP and Ability Testing this weekend
« on: March 31, 2018, 01:04:15 PM »
Happy Easter guys,

I have the Private Beta Server up this weekend for testing new abilities and PvP. All existing characters will have their Ability Points reset. I have also doubled the Ability Points you can have so more abilities can be tested this weekend. You can now choose 12 abilities after completing your Mage Trials, instead of just 6.

I have also added a character boost in, so new players can boost a character to level 18 with moderate gear. This will allow them to jump into the PvP and abilities testing. Boosted players will also start with 10 AP (5 from quests pre-completed) and will also start with their final Mage Trial quest in their quest log. Upon completing this final Mage Trial, boosted characters will get 2 more AP and be able to choose a sub-class.

The new Grand Arena has also been added to Collingwood. This will speed up ability testing and offer some party vs party or free for all fun!

Appreciate the testing guys, and encourage anyone able to help with the testing.

- Nexemis


To download the latest Deloria Online installer, click ->
To view full Deloria Online 4.4 Patch notes, click ->

Deloria Online Discord Chat: (Discord client not required)


We welcome everyone into the Deloria community, but please follow the simple rules below when interacting on the forums and Discord chat.

Discord Link:

Do not attack other people on the forums or in the chat in any form. Basically if you do not have something nice to say about the person, do not say it. Constructive criticism, feedback and suggestions towards the game are always welcome, but general flamming or bad talking is not allowed. Please post all game feedback/bugs/suggestions on the forums so I can refer to it at anytime, and not in Discord Chat.

Please post all content in the proper topics or channels. (IE: General Deloria Online Discussion is for game discussion only, Off-Topic for any non-Deloria content).

Failure to follow these simple rules can lead to being banned from the forums, chat and/or game.


Newest Additions At Top
Last Updated: Nov 14, 2018

The guild code has been completed and Guild Banners introduced. After your guild reaches Rank 5, the Guild Master will be able to purchase a Guild Banner to boost. These banners will show when someone views your character profile, as well as be displayed in and out of any guild post/tower owned by a guild.

Guild banners consist of two colors and 1 style (at the moment) with 20 in total at the moment. A guild banner style can only be owned by 1 guild at a time, so when one gets used it will no longer be sold by the guild vendor.

Guild Banner purchase and display in character profile

With the addition of paperdoll head appearances, the Beauty Boutique was in need of an upgrade. You can now select from 3 provided services; Hairstyle change, apply a permanent outfit and apply a permanent head appearance. You will only be charged a small fee for the services you select. You no longer require a boutique voucher either, just delets.

You will only be able to select from the appearances you have unlocked. You can learn appearances from equipping armors, as well as appearance patterns acquired from vendors, quests and even events.

Updated Beauty Boutique

Guild Posts and Towers have been added. Guilds can purchase a Guild Post or Guild Tower after defeating a boss inside and paying the weekly rental fee. Guilds can defeat a boss inside a Post/Tower to receive a buff for 5 minutes which allows the purchase of that Post/Tower for 7 days. The Guild Leader is the only one eligible to receive the buff, so they must be in the party that defeats the boss. Once a Guild Post/Tower is purchased, only that guild will be able to enter it until the lease is up. When the lease expires (7 days), the Guild Post/Tower will be able to be entered by anyone again. After a significant duration, the boss inside will respawn again, and the cycle repeats.

If you guild owns a Guild Banner at the time, your banner will display proudly outside your Guild Post/Guild Tower as well as throughout the inside.

Guild Posts are 1 floor and contain 5 storage tiles, and Guild Towers are 3 floors and contain 15 storage tiles. Storage Tiles allows guild members to drop items and equipment on savable tiles. These items will remain safe on these tiles until a Guild Leader or Guild Officer pick them up, even if the server goes down. This is a helpful way to store extra equipment, meals, battle items for new and existing guild members. Any items left when the lease expires (7 days) are deleted.

Swindler Woods Guild Post

Dry Lands Guild Post

Majestic Falls Guild Tower

New Class Halls have been added. After your initial Mage and Warrior quest lines are complete (Chapter 1 and 2) players will be able to choose a sub-class. Depending on the sub-class chosen, you will now have access to your Class Hall that only others of your class share.

Cleric Sanctuary (Church Basement)

Elementalist Class Hall (Mage Tower Apex)

Players unlock the gardening quest line at level 10. During this quest line you will unlock more garden pots for gardening use. Players can plant a variety of crops, and use different items on their crops to shorten grow time. Players can also acquire a golden shovel to increase their crop yields! Player Gardens are a great way to grow healing items.

Example of Player Gardens (Growing Bloom Bloom to harvest Bloom Berries)

The PvP Guild House will host a few NPC. You can talk to Scarlet the Bounty Hunter to toggle your world PvP on and off. This will allow players to PvP on all maps to others with this feature enabled. If your PvP is off, you can only attack/be attack other players on PvP specific maps.

You will also find the Guild Master here. You can talk to him to start a guild and choose a guild banner. You will also find the PvP vendor here. You can only buy items from him with PvP Tokens, a new currency earned from PvP.

PvP Guild House (WIP)

I have added the new Grand Arena in Collingwood. This will help test PvP and abilities much faster, as well as some Party vs Party PvP action.

Collingwood Grand Arena

I have greatly expanded the ability trees for all classes, adding more abilities and selection. Players will be able to customize their builds more and allow them to choose 20 abilities now (up from 15).

Expanded Ability Tree

On-top of debuffs showing at the top left of the game screen, debuffs will now also appear above your character so surrounding players can see any negative status affects you are inflicted with.

Example of character being disarmed!

Characters will now have a 9 second logout process when quitting the game. You can force quit right away, but your character will remain on the server for the 9 second duration. This will prevent players from disconnecting to save lives from stuns and other debuffs. Logging out in a town bypasses this countdown.

New character logout

Some new shops and vendors have opened up in Collingwood. Josie now sells jewelry, accessories and capes, while Scarlet in the Magic Shop now sells a variety of enchants. The Collingwood Dock is now open as well, selling boarding passes to Merchant Cove on Killik Island. Some of the existing vendors in town had some of their prices changed (ie: potions and elixirs are cheaper now).

I have updated the rendering code to process faster in some areas, as well as make the rendering more compatible for crossover software from other OS.

I have a new unit detection code that will prevent from your character from moving onto the same tile as an NPC. This was a client-side rendering issue which should be resolved now. I have removed the auto-refresh that I put in as a temporary work-around for this bug.

I have completely redid the View Character screen as the new Character Profile screen. It is used to for both yourself and other players in-game. The new Character Profile screen shows a lot more information for players, including; character stats and attributes, bonus stats and enchants, character achievements and player statistics.

Included on the new Character Profile screen you will see new stat bonuses and enchants listed. This will give you more detail on new stats bonuses and enchants you can now get from in-game equipment and items. Some bonuses have multiple levels, while some are more an on/off. For example; Autoloot is an on/off bonus. Once you have this bonus stat once, it will not increase further. Other bonuses may have caps or limits, for example; Increased Regeneration and Resource Regeneration have caps. Once you reach these caps, they will not increase any further. Bonuses that are at max will show in yellow, while non-max will show in white. If you do not have this bonus at all it will show in dark grey.

I have added the new achievement code in. Achievements have various ranks and points and can be acquired from a variety of methods in-game. You can view other players, as well as your own, achievements from the new Character Profile screen. Although only a handful of achievements are currently in (with various ranks), later achievements will include rewards like outfits and titles.

I have added in the new player statistics. Some of these statistics will be used for leader boards down the road. You can view other players, as well as your own, statistics from the new Character Profile screen.

Character Profile: Stats, Attributes, Bonus Stats, Enchants, Statistics and Achievements

The new enchant system was added to the game. You can enchant certain equipment pieces with various enchants. These enchants add to your bonus stats. Depending on the gear or bonus stats you have, you enchant choice may vary. Some examples of enchants: Autoloot, Various Increase Stats, etc.

The ability bar now holds 7 abilities. (up from 5)

The Deloria-AMP in-game music streamer has been updated with more stations as well as gives the player the option to modify any existing stations or simply add new ones.

I have updated the quest code to include more parameters for different quests. For players who were in the Closed Alpha, you will also notice some differences in the quest chains.

Sub-Classes have been added to main classes. Each sub-class will have 2 spec trees to choose abilities from, on-top of the base class abilities.

Sub-classes have different categories:
> DD = Double Damage: Full damage ability tree with no heals or support.
> FS = Full Support: Full support ability tree with heals and buffs and no offensive abilities.
> SS = Semi Support: Half support and half damage. A variety of both abilities available in this tree.

An example of the mage is shown below:



The first stages of the new paperdoll system are in. Players outfit and headgear can change in-game when equipping different items. Player will learn Outfits when equipping new body equipping or learning Outfit items. These outfits will change player looks, and can be set permanently in the Beauty Boutique. Players head gear can also change in-game from equipping items. Learnable Outfits can be purchased from vendors, dropped from mobs or rewarded from a quest. Most Outfits can be resold in Player Shops.

Example of Outfit changing in-game.

The new Beauty Boutique is in the game. Player can visit the boutique to change hair styles and colors, as well as set a permanent outfit. New Outfits can also be purchases here.

Player abilities have been added to the game. Players can select which abilities by spending Ability Points on the Abilities screen. Ability Points are acquired by completing the Main Story quest line. Players can slot 7 abilities at once, as well as a quick pot hotkey to quickly use healing items.

Quests have been added to the game. There are Main Story quests which give Ability Points as you complete them, allowing characters to learn new abilities. There are also side quests from other NPC which usually take place in the same area as the Main Story quests. Quests can reward experience, delets, items, equipment and Ability Points. Besides NPC interaction, quests can also be started from Pick-Up Quests offered from items. Players can track their quest progress from the Quest Log screen, as well as on-screen quest tracking.

New Quest Log in action.

Player vendor shops have been added to the game. Players can now sell 5-10 items in their player shop (depending on player level).  There are lots of unique items, equipment, pick-up quests and other things that can be sold in the player shops.

A brand new party system has been added to game. Parties have 5 levels that can be obtained, and each level offers new benefits as well as increased experience. As long as 1 player remains in the party, the party will remain intact to save it's level. Parties will only increase in experience/level with 2 or more players in it.

New Party window and Party Buffs.

New food buffs have been added to the game from eating meals. Food buffs last 20 minutes. You can only have 1 food buff active at a time.

New elixir buffs have been added to the game from drinking elixirs. Elixir buffs last 60 minutes. You can only have 1 elixir buff active at a time.

Most items in game have various bonus stats and increased versions. +version items will offer greater stats and sometimes extra bonus stats over the regular versions. All enhanced items become soulbound when used.

Items that are enhanced in quality or higher become soulbound to the player when used/equipped.

At the top left of the game screen you will see any player buffs and debuffs you currently have. These can include Food Buffs, Elixir Buffs, Ability Buffs, etc. If your character has any Train Skills or Ability Points to use, it will display here as well.

All the in-game chat and messaging is now rendered in-game and not in a separate chat box. Players can edit the size, font, fade delay, line display and outline settings in the game options. Players can still bring up a separate game chat box with the click of a button, if they want to scroll back or copy a selection of text. Combat text is now shown above the player/target instead of the general chat area. Experience gains are now shown at the bottom right of the game screen, along with the new Item Obtained display.

News and Announcements / Closed Alpha Rewards Announced!
« on: February 22, 2018, 11:03:35 PM »
Below is a list of the rewards given for the three ranks obtainable from the Closed Alpha testing. If you obtained level 15 or higher with a character during the Closed Alpha testing, your account has been carried over to the new Open Beta server. CHARACTERS WERE NOT SAVED, but all new character created on these accounts during the Open Beta will be given the perks listed below.

The Closed Alpha TOP 20/Rewards list can be viewed here:

BRONZE RANK: (achieved level 15)
 - Unique Alpha Sunglasses (wearable at level 1, also uses new head gear paperdoll system)
 - New level 1 boots enchanted with Autoloot.
 - 2 Experience Elixirs (+30% exp for 1 hour)

SILVER RANK: (achieved level 25)
 - Everything in the Bronze Rank
 - Unique Alpha Outfit (Male/Female versions)

GOLD RANK: (achieved max level 30)
 - Everything in the Silver and Bronze Rank
 - Orb of Collingwood (quick and easy teleportation to the capital)
To view these rewards in-game, check out the screenshots and vids posted in the Deloria Discord channel.

Thanks guys,

- Nexemis
Jeffrey O'Blenis

Deloria Online:
Deloria Online Forums:
Deloria Online Discord Chat: (Discord client not required)

Deloria Online General Discussion / Re: Where my COPS at?
« on: January 28, 2018, 05:53:27 PM »
Welcome back :)

Deloria Online General Discussion / Re: Wow.
« on: January 05, 2018, 12:18:05 PM »
again, welcome :)

Deloria Online General Discussion / Re: How do I download
« on: December 28, 2017, 04:02:13 PM »
The news and forums say the game is not up. The Discord channel also works.

News and Announcements / Open Beta Launch Delay
« on: December 16, 2017, 06:31:13 PM »
Hey guys,

Just wanted to give an update on the status of the upcoming Open Beta. I am currently still working on the beta, but it won't be ready in time for the holidays or end of this year.  Originally the Open Alpha was planned for end of year, but I skipped the Open Alpha all together and going straight into the Open Beta because of the great testing accomplished from the Closed Alpha. I won't release the beta until it is in a more complete state with more content. I aim to have the Open Beta start shortly after the new year.

I will also be having some sort of winter event after the Open Beta launch, partly because we are missing a Christmas event and partly because I already have the winter event mostly coded in :)

Stay tuned for updated info and screenshots coming soon.

Thanks for the patience guys and I hope you all have a great holiday season! 

- Nexemis
Jeffrey O'Blenis

News and Announcements / Post Closed Alpha Changes (updates)
« on: November 15, 2017, 05:36:01 PM »
Below I will list some of the changes/revisions and modifications I am making to the game since the Closed Alpha ended.

This list will continuously be updated:

The amount of ability slots has been increased to 7 (up from 5). Ability slots now also render in the middle of the game screen.

I am in the process of updating the rendering code of the client. This should have an improvement around the board and help some lower FPS players. This will also help render all non-game screen items the same way (help for port over apps). You can now disable water animation in the options screen as well.

Keybinds have been updated. Also fixed an error where numpad numbers were not triggering saved keybinds unless re-saved in options each time you start game.

Classes have changed up a bit to incorporate job class advancements. (Example: You can now start as a Mage and then at the end of act 2, complete a quest to become either an Elementalist or a Cleric). Mage abilities learned prior to job advancement are shared and kept after advancing. (Example: Disperse and Ice Shard can be used by both Elementalist and Cleric). All current Ability Points on your character must be used before job advancing (on Mage and General abilities).


There are now a few class specific buildings in Collingwood. Also, some of the quest locations have changed because of this. (Example: Your Mage trails will now start at the Mages Guild, a tower near the north of Collingwood Captial). After completing your Mage trials you will then become either an Elementalist or Cleric. Elementalists can access the top level of the Mages Tower to continue their class story line, while Clerics will have access to and continue their story line at the Clerics Sanctuary in the Collingwood Church.

I have expanded the quest code to include more parameters and objectives, and allowing quests to be started and completed by different NPC. This makes the quest flow more fluid. (Example: Introduction quests will lead players to a different NPC to hand in a quest). You can also track up to 7 quests at a time now on the game screen.

After dealing with the threat of the Brotherhood of Bandits in Chapter #2, we start Chapter #3 with Majestic Falls just east of Collingwood Capital. Players will find themselves with a new confrontation with the magic faeries that dwell there. Although once content living along side us Delorians, the fae are no longer patient with us. Not only because of our recent expansion into their land and evil soil even further east, but because they also blame the corruption on us. Things will only escalate more when we discover the faeries are immune to the corruption, and we must act to figure out why. 

News and Announcements / Closed Alpha Server Ending
« on: November 10, 2017, 05:35:33 PM »
So this weekend will be the last weekend the Closed Alpha server will be up for testing. After that I will be taking the server down to make a few major changes, fix bugs and add new content. I would like to thank all the players who helped test the Closed Alpha server. If you haven't already, please post your feedback on the forums.

Just a reminder:
- All accounts that have a character reach level 15 during the Closed Alpha test will have their accounts carried over to the next version. CHARACTERS WILL NOT BE CARRIED OVER. These accounts will give their new characters a cape to start with to help level in the next version.

- All accounts that have a character reach level 25 during the Closed Alpha test will also receive a custom outfit that will not be obtainable otherwise in the game.

Thanks again for the testing and feedback!

- Nexemis

Jeffrey O'Blenis

News and Announcements / The Cleric is in for testing!
« on: November 04, 2017, 12:56:15 PM »
The Cleric has now been added to the game and ready for testing. They currently follow the Mage quest line for gear and progression. The Halloween SPOOKTACULAR event will be ending Monday Nov 6 2017. If you haven't checked it out, you still have time!

Be sure to read the updater notes for all the daily changes and additions!

- Nexemis

News and Announcements / SPOOKTACULAR Update and PvP!
« on: October 30, 2017, 07:48:31 PM »
Just a quick update on the status of the Closed Alpha test and the SPOOKTACULAR Mini Event.

 - Level cap is now level 30 with all new content, dozens of new items, 8 new bosses and more!
 - The event will continue to run until the end of next weekend. New things are begin added quickly and everyday! New event quests and items are now obtainable for characters 20+
 - PvP is enabled and the first PvP Battleground is released! 'Pit of the Dead' is a level 20+ PvP zone with level 20-26 mobs, 3 mini bosses and a mystery of secrets! Check out the mysterious Cloaked Figure who setup shop in Collingwood. He has a variety of great items, some with great new features like 'Mob Loot' which auto-loots any loot dropped by mobs that you walk over.

* Be sure to read over the new changes to player deaths on the launcher. Affects have been made to both NPC and PvP Deaths.

See you in the game!

- Nexemis

Deloria Online General Discussion / Re: Streaming?
« on: October 29, 2017, 03:20:19 PM »
see you ingame :)

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