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News and Announcements / Deloria Online Development Newsletter #4
« Last post by Nexemis on December 10, 2018, 03:34:11 PM »

December 12 2018

Hey guys, first off I want to let everyone know that the server will be back online today at 5PM EST. We had some connection issues over the past few days, and have someone coming out to look at the connection on Wednesday. I would also like to thank all players for their patience as we work out bugs and continue to put out content since the Open Beta launch. Now that Chapter 4 is complete, PvP is next and will be fully enabled over the next couple days.


Chapter 4 is now completely ready for players to explore. You can now descend in the Spider Nest and Spider Hive to kill Venom Spiders and Blood Spiders. Continue the story line from the Majestic Faeries and see where the corruption began and what treasures lie in the Dead Woods. Players will acquire 2 more Ability Points in Chapter 4 and the max level has been increased to level 30.

Players will be able to grind a whole new selection of gear with all new stat bonuses like weapon leech!


We hope to see you in the game, and can't wait to release lots of new content for you.

- Nexemis

Deloria Online General Discussion / Re: More Info Soon
« Last post by Nexemis on November 21, 2018, 10:23:22 AM »
A majority of the players are in the Discord channel, so that is used the most to post new stuff, server status, bugs, patches, etc and just talking. You can also view all the additions just before Open Beta started:
Deloria Online General Discussion / Re: More Info Soon
« Last post by EliCly on November 21, 2018, 07:52:04 AM »
How's the development going, Nexemis? Where are you posting the updates on? The Discord channel?
Deloria Online General Discussion / Re: Map error
« Last post by Nexemis on November 11, 2018, 06:01:37 PM »
Hey, I didn't know if you were in Discord so replied there. I was asleep when you were getting the map errors, but it's because you are using 4.x maps from closed alpha. All new maps are 5.0.

Did you uninstall the closed alpha version? I would recommend a reinstall and you should be fine.  Your account is fine now and I just put the server back up for a bit.
Deloria Online General Discussion / Map error
« Last post by Schaef on November 11, 2018, 10:36:26 AM »
Hey Nex,

I see the game server is online at the moment. I created an account and character, when clicking on the character to load the game there is an "Error loading map #11 X:151 y:151" you may or may not know about this.
Maybe I'm just being overzealous, pretty stoked to play the new Deloria.
Welcome back
I can't wait to become part of the game once again! Was very sad almost 15 years ago. Much love.
News and Announcements / Deloria Online Launch Event / Open Beta Start
« Last post by Nexemis on October 17, 2018, 04:00:57 AM »

Join us November 16th - 26th 2018 for the Deloria Online Open Beta Launch Event, as we start the Open Beta! Enjoy increased experience and drop rates during the event, additional event quests and collect Launch Diamonds as you level. The Launch Event will start at 8pm EST on Friday November 16th 2018 and run until midnight Sunday November 26th 2018.

Launch Diamonds can drop from any mob, with harder mobs having an increased chance. Players can then convert 5 Launch Diamonds into 1 Launch Crystal, which can be traded for a selection of limited time equipment and other prizes! All Event items are BoU/BoE (Bound on Use/Equip) which means they can be traded to other players, or sold in their own Player Shop. As most event prizes are limited time only to collect, players who collect an extra amount of Launch Crystals will be able to sell these additional prizes at a later time when they are unavailable. Don't forget to log into the game every day for your Deloria Daily Login Bonus item.

* Group Parties level twice as fast during the event!

Launch Event Prizes

- Launch Aviators (Epic quality level 20 helm equipment which unlocks unique head appearance. BoE.)
Trade for 6 Launch Crystals

- Orb of Collingwood (Teleports player to Collingwood Capital. 50 Charges. BoU.)
Trade for 10 Launch Crystals

- Orb of Binding (Binds players soul to temporary respawn location until they logout. 50 Charges. BoU.)
Trade for 12 Launch Crystals

- Orb of Recall (Teleports player to their temporary/permanent respawn location. 50 Charges. BoU.)
Trade for 12 Launch Crystals

- Miracle Grow Feed (Reduces grow time of 1 player garden pot by 1 day.)
Trade for 1 Launch Crystal

- Golden Grow Soil (Reduces grow time of ALL player garden pots by 1 day.)
Trade for 6 Launch Crystals

Open Beta Server Information

 - A completely fresh database and world. Account and characters must be started fresh.
   * Some accounts from the Closed Alpha have been carried over, but NO CHARACTERS. To check, visit:
 - Server First code enabled for items.
 - Only the Mage class is available for initial testing. Warrior will be the next base class available shortly after Open Beta launch.
 - Mage Sub-Classes available: Elementalist (Fire and Earth) or Cleric (Holy and Heresy).
 - Max level is currently 26 until the next quest zone is released shortly after launch.

* NOTE: The Open Beta server is currently in debug mode for testing purposes and hosted on a residential connection in Niagara Falls Ontario. It will eventually move to a commercial connection.

Deloria Online F.A.Q. & Support / HOW TO: Download Deloria Online Beta
« Last post by Nexemis on October 16, 2018, 05:37:57 PM »
The Deloria Online Open Beta will begin November 16th 2018, but you can download and install the game now to make sure you are ready for the Launch Event!


1. Make sure you disable any antivirus when installing Deloria Online. Both the game and installer are written in legacy coding languages which some antivirus software can cause problems with.

2. You may get errors if you install Deloria Online into a folder that requires certain permissions. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you use the default install folder. (ie: DO NOT install to Program Files or your root directory). The default install directory on a windows 10 OS is: C:\Users\-account-\AppData\Roaming\Deloria Online

3. DO NOT run any of the Deloria Online components with admin mode enabled. You will get a 'DelDownload' error. Also make sure these components are added to your firewall safe list.
Deloria Online components: (deloria.exe, dellaunch.exe, delupd.exe, dsc.exe)

Download Deloria Online Beta Installer

Previous Installers (ONLY if newest fails)

News and Announcements / Forum Cleaning/Screenshots Updated
« Last post by Nexemis on October 16, 2018, 05:21:18 PM »
I have updated some of the sections of the forum. All Closed Alpha threads and topics have been removed. I have also added a new "In-Game Community" section where guild recruitment and in-game buy/sell topics can be post.

I have also updated all screenshots to show the latest version. I will adding another section under Screenshots that will showcase some of the various zones in the game.
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