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News and Announcements / Deloria Online Development Newsletter #3
« Last post by Nexemis on July 29, 2018, 06:11:38 PM »

Hey guys, here are a few new things added to the game. I expect to have the launch date for the Open Beta by next newsletter. Thank you all for your continued patience while I implement all these new features.

As always, join us in the Deloria Online Discord Chat and Forums for all the latest information and screenshots.

Deloria Online Forums:
Deloria Online Discord Chat: (Discord client not required)


Guild Posts and Towers have been added. Guilds can purchase a Guild Post or Guild Tower after defeating a boss inside and paying the weekly rental fee. Guilds can defeat a boss inside a Post/Tower to receive a buff for 5 minutes which allows the purchase of that Post/Tower for 7 days. The Guild Leader is the only one eligible to receive the buff, so they must be in the party that defeats the boss. Once a Guild Post/Tower is purchased, only that guild will be able to enter it until the lease is up. When the lease expires (7 days), the Guild Post/Tower will be able to be entered by anyone again. After a significant duration, the boss inside will respawn again, and the cycle repeats.

If you guild owns a Guild Banner at the time, your banner will display proudly outside your Guild Post/Guild Tower as well as throughout the inside.

Guild Posts are 1 floor and contain 5 storage tiles, and Guild Towers are 3 floors and contain 15 storage tiles. Storage Tiles allows guild members to drop items and equipment on savable tiles. These items will remain safe on these tiles until a Guild Leader or Guild Officer pick them up, even if the server goes down. This is a helpful way to store extra equipment, meals, battle items for new and existing guild members. Any items left when the lease expires (7 days) are deleted.

Swindler Woods Guild Post

Dry Lands Guild Post

Majestic Falls Guild Tower

New Class Halls have been added. After your initial Mage and Warrior quest lines are complete (Chapter 1 and 2) players will be able to choose a sub-class. Depending on the sub-class chosen, you will now have access to your Class Hall that only others of your class share.

Cleric Sanctuary (Church Basement)

Elementalist Class Hall (Mage Tower Apex)

Players unlock the gardening quest line at level 10. During this quest line you will unlock more garden pots for gardening use. Players can plant a variety of crops, and use different items on their crops to shorten grow time. Players can also acquire a golden shovel to increase their crop yields! Player Gardens are a great way to grow healing items.

Example of Player Gardens (Growing Bloom Bloom to harvest Bloom Berries)

The PvP Guild House will host a few NPC. You can talk to Scarlet the Bounty Hunter to toggle your world PvP on and off. This will allow players to PvP on all maps to others with this feature enabled. If your PvP is off, you can only attack/be attack other players on PvP specific maps.

You will also find the Guild Master here. You can talk to him to start a guild and choose a guild banner. You will also find the PvP vendor here. You can only buy items from him with PvP Tokens, a new currency earned from PvP.

PvP Guild House (WIP)



- Nexemis
Jeffrey O'Blenis
News and Announcements / Server Wiped / New Beta Accounts
« Last post by Nexemis on June 09, 2018, 10:57:36 PM »
Hey guys,

I have wiped the server for the last time before the Open Beta. All the existing accounts that were carried over with their closed beta rewards are still intact. A few new accounts have also been rewarded the Bronze Closed Beta reward for testing in the most previous testing cycle and leveling to level 15+. These new accounts have also been carried over. NO CHARACTERS ARE SAVED.

Accounts that have been carried over are listed here:

With more time to focus on Deloria again, updates will be produced at a much faster rate again. As always, I appreciate the patience.

- Nexemis
Deloria Online General Discussion / More Info Soon
« Last post by Nexemis on May 16, 2018, 03:38:59 PM »
Hey guys,

I'll be posting some new info soon, but been a busy few weeks for me and Deloria coding time is currently limited. The last few things I added were the new Player Gardens and some new mobs in new zones. I'll be posting new screenshots in a few weeks and hope to have more time to code again. I posted some earlier screenshots/vid of the Player Gardens in the Discord channel.

Hope everyone is enjoying the start of the nice weather.

- Nexemis
Deloria Online General Discussion / Re: Game server offline
« Last post by Nexemis on April 15, 2018, 01:17:49 PM »
It is down at the moment. I will post shortly about when it will be back up.
Deloria Online General Discussion / Game server offline
« Last post by Schaef on April 15, 2018, 11:33:29 AM »
When I run launcher says game server offline and I get a run-time error '0'. Is it actually offline or is my sh*t messed?

Deloria Online General Discussion / Re: No Internet Still
« Last post by Nexemis on April 13, 2018, 10:14:34 PM »
Internet is back today!
Deloria Online General Discussion / No Internet Still
« Last post by Nexemis on April 08, 2018, 04:02:15 PM »
Hey guys, for those who didn't read in the Discord channel, my internet has been out since Wednesday's big Wind Storm here in Ontario. I lost most my fences, some trees and my cable line. There was quite a few trees down and still not cleaned up/hooked back up yet.

- Nexemis
News and Announcements / PvP and Ability Testing this weekend
« Last post by Nexemis on March 31, 2018, 01:04:15 PM »
Happy Easter guys,

I have the Private Beta Server up this weekend for testing new abilities and PvP. All existing characters will have their Ability Points reset. I have also doubled the Ability Points you can have so more abilities can be tested this weekend. You can now choose 12 abilities after completing your Mage Trials, instead of just 6.

I have also added a character boost in, so new players can boost a character to level 18 with moderate gear. This will allow them to jump into the PvP and abilities testing. Boosted players will also start with 10 AP (5 from quests pre-completed) and will also start with their final Mage Trial quest in their quest log. Upon completing this final Mage Trial, boosted characters will get 2 more AP and be able to choose a sub-class.

The new Grand Arena has also been added to Collingwood. This will speed up ability testing and offer some party vs party or free for all fun!

Appreciate the testing guys, and encourage anyone able to help with the testing.

- Nexemis


To download the latest Deloria Online installer, click ->
To view full Deloria Online 4.4 Patch notes, click ->

Deloria Online Discord Chat: (Discord client not required)

Deloria Online General Discussion / Re: Wow.
« Last post by GustavoCra on March 21, 2018, 10:29:57 AM »
I know exactly how you feel, Kirky. I was just excited to get back into this game after a long time of not playing. Life just got in the way, but now I wanna get back into it full force.
Deloria Online General Discussion / Deloria Online Forum & Discord Chat Rules
« Last post by Nexemis on March 02, 2018, 07:28:27 PM »
We welcome everyone into the Deloria community, but please follow the simple rules below when interacting on the forums and Discord chat.

Discord Link:

Do not attack other people on the forums or in the chat in any form. Basically if you do not have something nice to say about the person, do not say it. Constructive criticism, feedback and suggestions towards the game are always welcome, but general flamming or bad talking is not allowed. Please post all game feedback/bugs/suggestions on the forums so I can refer to it at anytime, and not in Discord Chat.

Please post all content in the proper topics or channels. (IE: General Deloria Online Discussion is for game discussion only, Off-Topic for any non-Deloria content).

Failure to follow these simple rules can lead to being banned from the forums, chat and/or game.
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