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Author Topic: Deloria Online Development Newsletter  (Read 2192 times)

July 23, 2017, 12:38:05 AM
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Deloria Online Development Newsletter
« on: July 23, 2017, 12:38:05 AM »

Hey guys, just wanted to give an update on what has been happening with Deloria Online, as well as update on the current Closed Alpha status. As always, remember to join us on Discord chat for the latest information and screenshots! (link at bottom)


A few weeks ago I had the first very few Alpha testers online and testing the new Deloria Online world. Players were able to quest and grind up to level 15. This was a very early stage of the game, but it allowed me to test a lot of the basic and core features of the game (connecting, accounts, quests, basic attacking, etc). Although the world was playable, a lot of features were not yet active or still being implemented. Below I will touch base on things that have been changed or added as well as update on the status of the Closed Alpha.

The two main story quest lines continue further now into the next zone 'Swindler Woods'. Your Mage trials will continue in this area, rewarding more AP 'Ability Points'. This is the next quest hub area in the game, and focuses more on the story of the Brotherhood of Bandits. Some of the existing quests had some script rewrites as well as other changes.

New 'Pick-Up' quests were added. Mobs have a chance to drop items to start quests/quest lines. These items are not soulbound until read so can be traded in the Player Shops. These quests can only be completed once per character. Existing zones as well as new zones have pick-up quests added.

New item sets have been added to the armory, as well as many new drop items from the new area. As always, there are a variety of every item and +1 and +2 versions for even more variety. There are also new and powerful quest rewards to obtain, and of course rare drops, including new outfits. (see PAPERDOLL below)

I have made more abilities active, and by the time the Closed Alpha comes back up players will be able to start using their Ability Points to customize their characters. The new abilities cooldown code was added, so no more ability spamming.

The ability tree was changed again.

The Player Shop code is complete now and ready for testing. Before you were only able to browse other player shops. Players can sell up to 5 items at level 10 and 10 items at level 30.

The Party system has been improved with more onscreen text for other party members. Soon quest items will be shared with all party members.

I have added new paperdoll coding in the game. Player body sprites will now change depending on the armor you are wearing. When you equip a piece of armor with an outfit you do not know already, you will learn this outfit and save it to your character. You can go to the boutique in town to have one of your unlocked outfits always displaying.

Player outfits can be obtained from equipment, quests, achievements as well as rare mob drops. For example, you can obtain 2 rare outfit drops from the Brotherhood of Bandits in Swindler Woods and Dry Lands. Although quest and achievement outfits are soulbound, drop outfits can be sold in Player Shops.

The food buff code has been added, so you can now eat those Salty Sloth Chops! Players can have 1 food buff active at a time and each meal buff lasts 15 minutes. Food buffs will enhance one or more stats, as well as increase experience gains. Next step is added Cooking ;)

This code is still in early development, but is planned to be ready before Open Alpha.

As always, there will be some map, graphic and item changes.


As you can see, I am still busy adding new stuff but hope to have the Closed Alpha server accessible again for Closed Alpha testers within a couple weeks. That will allow existing testers to continue their story line, as well as use their saved up Ability Points. I will also be sending out another wave of Closed Alpha invites at that time. Remember to be signed-up on forums to be eligible for Closed Alpha access.

Players anxiously waiting for the game to be ready are always asking how they can help. Players can always help out with any of the below:

 - Word of Mouth: Spreading the word of Deloria Online is a great help! Bringing in existing and new players to the game is always great. There is also a lot of outdated information about Deloria Online out there (game sites, forums, etc). Contacting either them or even myself so I can contact them, will allow me to update the information about the game.

 - Graphic Contributions: Players are always welcome to submit any custom graphic submissions they think may suit the Deloria Online world. Forums would be the best place for this.

 - Moderators: After the game is back online, I will look into forum and game moderators.


Thanks guys, that's all I can think of for now. Thank you for your patience, and hope to see you all in the game soon!

- Nexemis
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