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Author Topic: Deloria Online Development Newsletter #2  (Read 4883 times)

September 01, 2017, 08:54:23 PM
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Deloria Online Development Newsletter #2
« on: September 01, 2017, 08:54:23 PM »

Hey guys, just wanted to give another update on the current Closed Alpha status. As always, remember to join us on Discord chat for the latest information and screenshots! (link at bottom)


I will be bringing the Closed Alpha server back online either tonight or tomorrow for a couple days (Sept 1st/2nd-4th). This will only be a brief test over the weekend to test a lot of the new code listed below. Anyone that is selected as a Closed Alpha tester on the forums will have access to the server and their accounts.  Any Closed Alpha tester that needs their alpha code or help installing can join us on Discord. (link at bottom, no install necessary)

I will be away for 2 weeks in September so after this brief test this weekend, the Closed Alpha server will not come back online until Sept 28 2017. I will be sending out a bunch more Closed Alpha invites at this time to forum members. At this point I will be unlocking the new quest zones and quest hubs, as well as the elemental ability trees on the ability screen. Everything else is ready for testing as of now, and listed below.

* Any player that selected Cleric before will be changed to Mage when they log in. Cleric will not be released before a wipe occurs.
* As always, please post any bugs you encounter on the Closed Alpha section on the forums


I have updated the quest lines a bit, so existing characters may notice some irregularities with their progress. New characters should have no problems. I added a few quests to give out more Ability Points quicker. The quest lines flows a little better now too.

The new 'Pick-Up' quests were added. Mobs have a chance to drop items to start quests/quest lines. These items are not soulbound until read so can be traded in the Player Shops. These quests can only be completed once per character.

Players can now spend their Ability Points and learn abilities. All but the elemental tree abilities are ready to be learned.


Player Shops are fully functional now and players can sell 5-10 items in town, depending on their level. Players who log in and are able to keep their shop up to help test, that would be great.

Outfits are ready for testing. Character body looks will change depending on what chest armor they are wearing. Players can set a permanent outfit at the Beauty Boutique. Outfits can be learned from equiping armor, vendors, achievements and mob drops.

Food buffs are ready for testing. Players can have 1 food buff active at a time that lasts 15 minutes.

Elixir buffs are ready for testing. Players can have 1 elixir buff active at a time that lasts 1 hour.

New item sets have been added to the armory, as well as many new drop items from the new area. As always, there are a variety of every item and +1 and +2 versions for even more variety. There are also new and powerful quest rewards to obtain, and of course rare drops, including new outfits. Magic items were also added to the game, as well as Madrigals Magic shop.



- Player Stats
- New Zones
- New Quests
- Elemental Trees unlocked in Abilities
- Achievements (possibly)


Thanks guys, hope to see you all in the game soon.

- Nexemis
Jeffrey O'Blenis

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