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Author Topic: EXPIRED: Deloria Online Spooktacular Mini Event! (FULL DETAILS)  (Read 12789 times)

October 25, 2017, 05:42:19 PM
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EXPIRED: Deloria Online Spooktacular Mini Event! (FULL DETAILS)
« on: October 25, 2017, 05:42:19 PM »
Deloria Online Closed Alpha SPOOKTACULAR MINI EVENT (Open Invitation)
Starting Oct 26 2017-TBA (Early November)

The Deloria Online Closed Alpha server will be coming back online Oct 26 2017 for a Spooktacular Mini Event. Simply click on or interact with any Jack-O-Lantern throughout the game to receive a spooky buff that lasts for 20 minutes. While attacking mobs with this buff (**and possibly other players) you will have a chance to unleash some hidden dormant powers inside you. These powers will transform players into Halloween monsters and give a variety of powerful buffs!

Creepy and familiar Halloween music has also been added to most the maps. You can turn this off in the options for the regular music, but that would be maddening!

Join us in Discord during the event for in-game giveaways, or for any help installing the game.

Deloria Online Discord Chat: Discord client not required


- Open Invitation. Anyone who signs up on the forums will have access to the Closed Alpha Spooktacular Mini Event. (
 - A fresh database will be used, so all prior accounts and characters will be lost.
 - Server First code enabled for items.
 - Party level experience requirements reduced by 50%.
 - Only the Mage class is available for the Closed Alpha.
 - Max level is currently 22. Quest and story lines also play through level 20. The level 20-25 zone 'Dry Lands' may be released at a later time during the event.
 - All players who obtain level 15 during this event will have their account (not characters) carried over to the Open Alpha server, starting at the end of the year. All new characters created with these carried over accounts on the Open Alpha server will start with a unique cape and an elixir of increased experience. These two items will also be given to all players during the Closed Alpha Spooktacular Mini Event.

 ** The first PvP battleground may get released during the event if time persists. It is a level 20 Halloween themed battleground which will reward unique items.


To download, make sure you have a forum account and visit the download page.


QUEST AND STORY LINES now take players up to level 20 and into 'Swindler Woods'. The quests have changed quite a bit, but should flow better than before.

NEW ABILITIES have been added for testing, including a few from the Fire Elemental tree and an Ultimate.

NEW PARTY SYSTEM (Groups) are here. Parties can hold up to 4 players and have a leveling system with 5 levels to unlock. Each level unlocks party wide buffs like increased experience, increased armor, increased critical strike, increased luck and increased damage. A Party will stay intact until it's last member disbands, this way parties can be passed on without losing it's current level. For the duration of the event, the experience required to level parties will be reduced by 50%.

PLAYER SHOPS are in need of testing and allows players to sell 5-10 items in town. Any player that can log out in town at night and keep a store open to test, it would be appreciated. I have made an effort to put in a lot of items ready for players to sell.

OUTFITS are in! Character bodies will now change depending on what chest armor they are wearing. Players can set a permanent outfit at the Beauty Boutique. Outfits can be learned from equipping armor, vendors, achievements and mob drops.

FOOD BUFFS are ready for tasting. Players can have 1 food buff active at a time that lasts 15 minutes.

ELIXIR BUFFS are ready for drinking. Players can have 1 elixir buff active at a time that lasts 1 hour.

Lots of equipment and items!

Hope to see you in the game!

Jeffrey O'Blenis
- Nexemis
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