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Author Topic: New Year's Week Patch Notes  (Read 565 times)

January 06, 2023, 04:16:27 PM
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New Year's Week Patch Notes
« on: January 06, 2023, 04:16:27 PM »
PATCH NOTES: January 4-6 2023
Here is a list of some of the changes:

- Mail attachments now enabled. Players can send mail to other players or their alts.
- Server fixes/additions.
- Map fixes/changes.
- New quests added.
- New store items added.
- 'Staff of Sorcery (lvl20)' had it's item value and intellect increased.
- Cleric ability 'Holy Shock' effects updated.
- Cleric ability 'Blessing of Stamina' effects updated.
- Cleric ability 'Blessing of Intellect' effects updated.
- Earth Bender ability 'Boulder' effects updated.
- Pyromancer 'Wild Fire' passive damage has been reduced to 50% for all additional targets.
- Quest tweaks (from exp and delets to requirements and rewards).
- Cleansing the Kingdoms quest is now completable and follow-up available.
- Main Story Line continuation. You can now talk to Spider Queen Arachne and do the first follow-up quest to get the 'Widow's Kiss' trinket. Remaining part of storyline to be released within next few days while event is live.. THEN OFF TO MAJESTIC FALLS!

** Trinket 'Widow's Kiss' from 'Blood for Blood' quest was replaced with 'Cape of Recognition'. It made more sense for the trinket to be rewarded from Queen Arachne with the leech ability and the cape rewarded from the Collingwood Crusader's. If you already had the item you will find it replaced with the cape when logging in. If it was equipped it will go into your inventory or be mailed to you if inventory is full.

Join us on Discord for the latest information and patch notes:

- Nexemis
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