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Would you prefer if bank accounts were shared for all characters?

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Would you prefer if bank accounts were shared for all characters, or keep per character for more space. Item bound policies would still be in place, and bound items are character bound not account bound.

Per character.

What if there was both, like the normal bank that we are all used to, and then like a shared tab even if it only had a few slots for transferring items over.

I personally do not play more than one character and then my GM character so I would much rather have non-shared so I can have a bigger bank for each character.

I kindof like that idea ARM, and though about it. Part of what I loved the most about this game was the community and the pvp/competitiveness. I personally kindof liked the whole dropping/logging on as fast as possible adrenaline rush for transferring items. I also really liked the wondering if your "friend" would screw you over or not if you let them hold them. It was part of it all.

I wouldn mind a small shared bank tab. But Id rather have a bigger bank for one toon.


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