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Author Topic: Latest additions & changes to Deloria Online  (Read 3573 times)

February 23, 2017, 02:46:24 AM
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Latest additions & changes to Deloria Online
« on: February 23, 2017, 02:46:24 AM »
Hey guys, I wanted to take a quick moment and update everyone on what's been recently added to the game. People keep asking what I am working on and what's new, but I don't get much time to keep posting updates like this. I have been very busy making a lot of additions to the game and am coming closer to the closed testing to begin. I can't stress how much this is a new game, but I will try to go over a bunch of the changes and additions I have made to the game recently, and overall.



ON-SCREEN CHAT: In this screenshot you can see how the new chat is now on-screen. All the screen mumbo jumbo (combat/exp/item/etc) has been removed from that space and now is used for main game chat. There are many options for the on-screen chat, including font, size, number of lines to show, fade delay, and bold outline. With a click of a button you can bring up the classic non-transparent chat up in its place if you prefer the old style, or if you want to scroll back and review old chat.

COMBAT LOG: I have added a combat log that can be opened just like the classic chat. You can scroll and review past combat moves here.

FULLSCREEN MODE: I have re-added a fullscreen mode. The old fullscreen mode code stopped working when screens went to widescreen format. I have since rewrote a new fullscreen mode code that will maximize to 1920x1080. The game default game screen is now widescreen format 1366x768 and upscales to 1920x1080 when fullscreen mode is active. Some players will prefer to play this way while others will not. It's a preference that a lot of players wanted brought back.

BRAND NEW AUDIO CODING: I have rewrote all the sound and music coding to give players more custom options, as well as just upgrading the sound components to work and sound better. You can also now set separate volume controls for sounds, music and weather/ambient.


NEW HELP MENU: The new help menu has been redesigned and updated, while the emoticon menu has stayed the same :)


ITEM OBTAINED: With the addition of the on-screen text, many old screen text had to be removed (including item pickup/drop). The new Item Obtained code shows items you obtain from picking-up, stores, quests, etc. The color changes depending on the quality of the item. (bottom right corner)


NEW STORE & BANK CODE: The bank and store code were updated and improved. New features were added to the store like 'Sell All Grey' button and a new 'Buy Back' feature.

NEW ITEM HOVER: You can also see the new item hover from this screenshot. It works the same when you hover over an ability, but changes the information and icons accordingly.


ABILITIES: Abilities are a new feature of this version of Deloria Online, and pretty game changing. In this screenshot example I am using an AoE fire ability. With a wide variety of abilities already in the game, players can customize their character to a build they prefer.

ON-SCREEN COMBAT TEXT: Combat text (DPS and healing) as well as experience gains are now shown on-screen above the appropriate targets. NPC damage calculations are not in the game yet, but in this screenshot you can see one of the sloth hit me for 12 damage.

BUFFS & DEBUFFS: Near the top left of the screen you can see I have 2 beneficial buffs that are about to wear off. These are a new feature of Deloria Online and are written hand in hand with the new abilities code.


NEW PARTY CODE: I have rewritten a brand new party/group code. Group can have up to 4 players in them and level-up as players level-up rewarding increased experience, regeneration and luck. Parties can also be set to 'Open' allowing anyone in your area access to join your group.

ALL NEW ITEMS: I have started adding all the new items, rewards, drops and consumables to the world. I already have a fair bit. Like recent version, many gear have +versions, however I have also included +variations to gear to add even more customization. (ie: SameItem of Regeneration / SameItem of Precision). This will also give players a better selection of items to sell.

ITEM BOUND SYSTEM: The item-bound system that was added at the end of the last test is still active in the game and working great. It has been upgraded to support future coding (talked about below)

CAPACITY CHANGES: Players now have an inventory space of 20 (vs 15 before) and a bank space of 20 (vs 18 before).

NEW ACCOUNT & CHARACTER DATABASE: I rewrote the accounts and character databases to hold a lot of new information for new features I have added to the game as well as for future patches in mind. Accounts now work on an email basis and have 2 character slots per account at the moment.

FRIENDS REWRITE: The 'Friends' code was rewritten but will act pretty much the same.

DELORIA ONLINE UPDATER: The Deloria Online Updater got a major overhaul and rewrite. I made my own custom HTTP downloader for the updater which has been working much better than the old FTP updater. This also helps remove unnecessary third party controls which could sometimes cause register errors when installing. The updater is quite an upgrade from its prior versions and runs very well and error-free. If it encounters any errors or missing files, they can be fixed and replaced automatically or from within the internal debug menu.

GRAPHICS: Lots of new graphic additions, as well as modifications to past favorites.

SOUNDS & MUSIC: Many new sounds and music have also been added. I have also adjusted the volume on some previous sounds.

DELORIA MAP IT!: I improved my game map editor for public use and released it to the closed testers for testing. It will be available to everyone to test soon, and could be used for future game features .....



MAPS: I am finishing up the last few maps, then I can start adding the story line content and quests.

QUESTS: The second biggest game-changer, I am in the midst of re-adding the quest system. The old quest system code I was working on I had lost, but this version has improvements already that the other did not. I will show screenshots of the new quest system as soon as I start adding the story content.

PROJECTED TIMELINE:: After I complete the last maps and finish the quest code.

- Do combat and ability calculations. This will take a fair amount of time and testing
- Finialize any finishing touches and calculations and open the server to closed testers to start testing.


After closed testing starts, I will first focus on bugs, fixes and calculation changes depending on testing

- Player Shops. I want to add a pop-up shop for players so they can sell items in their downtime, or shop for specific gear at low low prices. This will also help the economy, give another source of income for players, as well as reward players who like to farm items. This will also give players a secure player to player trade.

- First 2 Professions. Right now I have the idea already setup for the first 2 professions being added to the game. I want to add enchanting and alchemy as the first two professions. I think they will work very well, but more information will come on that.

I think that gives a good idea of what I have been working on and what's to come for this new world of Deloria Online. I thank you for your patience as I continue to improve the game and get it ready for testing. It is much faster and efficient to make these changes and additions now before any alpha testing begins. Again, to keep up-to-date, join us on discord!

Cheers for now guys!

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