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Author Topic: Ability Ideas!  (Read 2534 times)

April 07, 2017, 10:54:38 PM
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Ability Ideas!
« on: April 07, 2017, 10:54:38 PM »
Hey guys,

So for those of you that haven't joined us on discord chat, I will share some more information since I haven't posted in awhile.  Right now I am in the process of re-working the abilities trees and redoing the combat code. I have also mentioned that the second playable class will be the Cleric. This will be the second 'light armor' class, so various gear will be suited for both classes while some may not work as well for the other. If everything goes according to plan the next two classes that will follow will be the Warrior and the Paladin (both heavy armor classes).

As mentioned above, I am re-working the abilities tree and have removed the Cleric skills from the Mage tree. The Mage tree will consist of the 3 elemental choices and the general skills row. The Cleric tree will consist of the heal and buff choices, as well as a DPS row and the general skills row.

Do you have any ability idea for any of the classes?  Feel free to post them on this topic:
- Nexemis

Jeffrey O'Blenis