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Ya you can do either or, or both!
what is slack?
lol not sure how much it will get used we will see, I am not really a voice chat to stranger's type person myself, but will talk a bit in the chat from time to time..
The official Deloria Online discord voice server is at the following url

Talk voice to your fellow Delorians while you wait for alpha testing to begin!

If you have any suggestions for voice channels that you want to see added let me know..

No download right now, it is in Closed Alpha testing right now.. Nexemis is adding new testers as he needs them from the forums, just being signed up on the forums give you a chance to become a tester.
Just signing up on the forums, signs you up for the closed beta. As Nexemis needs testers he will PM people on the forums. All you can do now is wait and join in with the community.
Deloria Online General Discussion / Re: Really full-time?
December 20, 2016, 06:29:25 PM
Nex is a beast, don't ask how it gets done it just does!
Quote from: Nexemis on December 20, 2016, 10:54:49 AM
love the sig Rotten

Thanks, and thanks for leaving an area of the map black so I could take the screenshot :P
Ya, it is interesting, had to do something. Like  40 minutes after installing the forum we had porn spam lol. But after about 25 posts I believe you won't have to do the picture captcha, so don't get to attached to it lol.